Wind Versus Fence

I walked into my kitchen last night, looked out of the window and saw this….

For those who may not know, Colorado weather has a bit of split personality.  It can be 70 degrees one day and snow two days later.  Wind and hail storms are the norm and snow can pile up on one street and be completely clear a few streets over.  This was the result of one of those wonderful wind storms.  We are expecting more over the next few days and I am worried that other parts of the fence won’t last if it gets really bad.

So now I have a big gaping hole in my back fence.  I called the insurance company and am waiting for a call back but at this point I have no idea how much this will cost.  So…I developed a new plan.

I hit the internet to see how hard it would be to fix myself and you know what? It doesn’t look that hard.  I hit the hardware store today and spent all of $4.02 on a box of nails and will get up early in the morning and make the attempt to put the broken section back together.  What have I got to lose right?

Only a few generations back, when something broke, we would have fixed it ourselves.  Or a neighbor would have pitched in to help.  The thought of paying someone to make home repairs would not have entered our minds.  We are now far too quick to just pick up the phone and call for help and not even attempt to do for ourselves.

I know my limitations, I don’t mess with plumbing or electricity but if I can, I would rather do it myself.  I want the pride in knowing that I accomplished something.  Plus saving a few dollars is nice too.

Let me know your experiences.  What have you done that you thought you couldn’t do at first but in the end shocked yourself?


My husband says he would like to wait for the insurance people to check things out. He isn’t able to help me right now and I think he is worried I might hurt myself in some way. So for now, the fence stays right where it is.  Oh dear!

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