Three Ways to Annoy Your Children

Number one: Exist

Well, not exactly but in my house just saying hi usually gets some variation of an eye roll and a heavy sigh.

Number two:

Try to interact with their friends in any way.  According to them you are not cool, never have been cool and never will be cool.  You are some mythical creature who was born fully grown, has horrible taste in clothing, music and TV and seems to only exist for the embarrassment of said child.

Number three:

Use any statement that means “When I was your age….”  That can earn a larger eye roll and possibly, “You just don’t understand!”  In my home this usually ends up with some sort of outburst.  Could be me, could be a child but someone will be spending time in their room alone.

Just an insight into how things are going here.

And how was your week?

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