The room was quiet except for a television in the corner

The daily news called out, volume low

Two women talked

One small and frail

The other young and vibrant

The first resigned to the fact that life was ending

The other struggling with how to say good-bye

“The Lord knew what he was doing when he put you in my life,” said the first.

The younger sat quiet, staring into those tired eyes

“I have been blessed to have had you in my life.”

Tears flowed from the younger eyes, not ready to let go but knowing that is what needs to be done

The first eyes closed and never opened again

Two days later, that frail woman decided it was time to move on

The young woman was by her side, holding her hand as that journey began

At that final moment, she leaned in and whispered soft and quiet “I will always love you.”


Two years later, that young woman was in the same position

This time, the first woman’s daughter, the younger’s mother

There have been months of denial but the fact was clear, the end was coming

This time there was a crowd, friends and family trying to help make the journey easier although all knew it wouldn’t be

Mother dug in her heels, she wasn’t ready to go, wasn’t ready to leave her children

The nurse said it wouldn’t be long, they held her hand, wet her lips and waited

When the moment came, the young woman put lips to ear once again and whispered those same words, “I will always love you.”

She still talks to those women, sometimes forgetting that they have gone ahead

There were others left behind but the young woman feels alone now

In the end….she will forever be alone

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