Changes Coming to this Page

I have been doing some heavy soul-searching over the past few weeks and have made some important decisions. Some of these are simple and you won’t notice much but others are bigger and I hope you will be OK.

First of, I will be putting more effort into growing my business.  Or should I say businesses.  Starting on Monday, I will be spending time everyday working on my sewing.  I currently make tote bags, make up kits, wrist key chains and kid’s activity bags.  I am researching how to make clothes and would like to expand into that but that will be far, far in the future.  Soon you will see a page on this site where you see how I plan and construct the items that I make and even a place to order them.  Please let me know if you have any ideas of things you would like me to make and I will certainly look into any ideas.

The next area that I want to work on is my Officiating business.  I want to help people in good times, weddings, baptisms, etc.  I also want to be there when people are at their worst such as funerals.  I have gotten a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious studies and would like to go back to school and get a counselors degree or something more in the chaplaincy.  There are so many programs out there and I want to make sure that I pick the correct one that will allow me to help as many people as possible.

One area that I have gained interest in lately is how to cook naturally and get my family off so many processed foods.  I don’t have a spot for a garden so I obviously cannot go totally off the grid, I have to rely on grocery stores.  Even with that, you can still eat a diet mostly free of processed foods and chemicals.  I have been pouring through cookbooks and web pages looking for recipes for all my family’s favorites.  I know some people may not have the time to cook totally from scratch so I am researching how to do fast-scratch cooking.  Not only am I looking for fast but I want cheap too.  I hate spending more money that necessary and want to show other people some of my tricks to save money on food.

I will be reworking this site over the next week or so adding a scheduling component as well as a store front.  I will expand my presence on social media like Instagram, Periscope and possibly YouTube.  In the beginning you will notice that my videos will not be polished, professional products.  I am still learning and will make mistakes.  I also cannot afford to buy professional grade equipment so for the time being I will be using the cameras and such that I already have and will be saving to buy more and better equipment.

I will continue this blog and hope to expand into some other topics of conversation.  I do not get many comments on my posts and I am not exactly sure why.  I want all of your thoughts good or bad.  I want to know what you think.  I want your ideas.  I want your questions.

Please come with me on the journey I am about to take.  That WE are about to take.  I think this is going to be fun…

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