Funny Life Changes

Life in our house has been very interesting over the last few weeks.  Mostly good but a little bad but nothing that can’t get better.  Let’s get started….

Some time ago I mentioned some issues we were having with my husband’s job.  There was a change coming, we knew this but what the change would involve was the confusion.  There were two options, one of which would involve a move across the country.  Due to family specifics that move would be extremely difficult and it was not something we were even looking forward to thinking about.  In the end, everything worked out and we will not be moving.  My husband will be taking some time off this summer and I look forward to spending some time just relaxing as a family.

I started my weight loss journey a few weeks ago and although I had some struggles, I have been doing OK.  I don’t think I estimated how sore I would be and that would be my only real complaint.  I did have a few days where my body just would not do what I was telling it to do which led to a great deal of frustration.  One particular class involved climbing a rope.  We were given two ways that we could do it, neither of which I could do.  I broke into tears.  One of the coaches came over to find out what was wrong and ended up telling me that I was using the wrong rope.  The one I was using had little to no traction.  He also said I wasn’t using my hands correctly and after showing me the correct positioning, I did it.  I could not believe it and was so excited I had to do it again.  And again.

Since that day I have come across a few other things that I thought I could not do but struggled through it and accomplished more than I though possible.  I also came to the conclusion that it did not matter if I could not do moves perfectly the first time.  Just keep trying and keep moving.  And if they want me to do 20 of a particular moves in one minute and I can only do 10, so what.  Again, keep trying and keep moving.  In the end I will get stronger and faster.

This leads me this past week.  I went to the gym on Friday morning, did my work out and came home.  I was a bit tired but otherwise feeling good.  Then about three o’clock in the afternoon I started with the chills and the puny feeling.  My bedtime I was running a fever of 102 and could barely get out of bed.  This went on through Sunday morning.  My fever broke and although I should have been feeling better my chest was hurting and I was out of breath.  When the pain started moving up towards my chin I decided I should go see a doctor.

The ER that I went to was very thorough checking my heart, lungs, kidney and also looked for any clotting.  Everything was good except for some pneumonia in my right lung and some enlarged lymph nodes near my thyroid.  I saw my regular physician yesterday and we scheduled a thyroid ultrasound and a follow-up chest x-ray.

So I’m now on day two of a week of no strenuous activity.  Day two and I am already bored as can be.  I did spend the day looking at curtain patterns and will hopefully be making coverings for three windows before the week is over.  I figure sewing can’t be too strenuous right?

Please listen carefully when your body is trying to tell you something.  I really thought I was having a heart attack, pneumonia didn’t even cross my mind.  So many times we as moms put ourselves last and our own health suffers.  How can we take care of everyone else in our lives if we fall apart?

I’ll be down for a week but I will come back, soon and stronger than ever.  I’m not letting any of this take me down.

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