How We Treat Each Other

I try not to get too political on this site but I just have to say this….We HAVE got to stop treating each other like crap.

Just today, I heard of a young boy who was bullied into killing himself because he wanted to be honest and tell his classmates that he was gay.  I heard of people being shot and killed at a video game contest.  Watching the news, which I try hard not to do sometimes, I heard more fighting and name calling than one should hear and this was from supposed grown, professional adults.  These are the people our children are looking up to.

My daughter came home today and asked if it was OK that she stood up to a kid in class because he made another girl cry, it made my heart hurt.  I was proud that she wanted to stand up for a friend but sad that she doubted if she should get involved.  Is that where our society is going?

I am writing this with little to no editing, I am just trying to get my thoughts out.  If you have any ideas as to how to help, how to make people more civilized, please share your ideas with the world.  Things will not change if we don’t start working together.  And if things don’t change soon, I fear for this world.


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