Kids Growing Up Too Fast

I’m sorry I wasn’t around much over the last week or so, we’ve just come out of the hell that is spring break and I spent most of my time trying to keep Baby Girl occupied so she didn’t just talk non-stop for an entire week.

Full disclosure, my daughter goes to a special needs school.  All of the kids have some sort of issue, be it behavioral, birth defect or some sort of learning disability.  Pretty much every day, she comes home and tells me a story about a child who had some sort of issue that day and at this point not much shocks me anymore.  At least until yesterday.

B.G. came home and told me that some boy in her class told her to show him her bra and panties.  As I was still processing that fact she then told me that he told her he was going to pull her pants down and “f” her.  Yep, at this point I started to lose it.  She told me that the teacher overheard the statement and that he took care of it but that didn’t stop me from wanting to show up at that school and make a very large scene.  I talked to my husband and we formulated a plan on how to help her and deal with the issues at school but that doesn’t solve the larger picture.

She and I had a talk and I told her that, sadly, she will forever run into someone who will make some sort of rude comment and that she needed to learn now how to deal with those people.  What upsets me is that I should not have to have that discussion with a twelve year old.  I don’t think I even knew what “f’ing” was when I was twelve.  I know that kids are far more advanced than kids were in my time and they are exposed to far more than we were but we have got to figure out a way to help kids process all of the information that beats them in the face every day.

B.G. is a kid who doesn’t like talking about her body and she thinks people kissing on television is gross and as a mom, I want her to stay like that.  Yes, she knows the birds and the bees but she just doesn’t like to have it thrown in her face.  Kids are young for far too short a time and will spend a majority of their lives facing adult issues so why push them into it before they are ready?

I am so glad to get back to a normal schedule and am beginning to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather.

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