Taking Responsibility

Accountability.  Each and every day we are responsible for something.  It may be getting to work on time and doing our job correctly.  It may be getting kids up and ready for school on time.  It may be helping a friend or loved one who needs a boost.  What I want to talk about today though is having accountability to ourselves.  Knowing that when we say we will do something that in some way benefits US, we will follow through.

Right off the bat I want to say that I am horrible at being accountable to myself.  I will give and give to others but my needs take a back burner.  This isn’t a new trait, I have never felt comfortable putting myself first.  But today is a new day.  I have been thinking about making some changes and for some reason, today seems like the best time to put them in place.

The reason I am putting this out into the world is that I need to know that anyone who reads this blog will know when I succeed but also when I fail.  I need to know that others may be facing the same journey as I am and that we may all learn from each other.  I need accountability.

So starting tomorrow I am going to stop drinking diet sodas (my worst addiction) and start drinking water.  I guess I should say that I have a liquid addiction.  I seem to always need a cup of something with me at all times.  I feel naked without it.  Does anyone else have this experience?  I have a bottle that holds 32 oz, has a top and a clip to hang on my bag.  I can just fill it over and over and always have water handy.

I also am going to make every effort to cut back on the sweets that I eat.  Chocolate is another addiction.  I’m not going to cut it out completely, I think that saying I will never eat another bite of any specific item is an automatic defeat.  I will never be able to pull that off so I am not going to try.  I will however cut back.  Up until now I have needed something sweet every single night.  For now I’m going to say that I will only have sweets on the weekends.  I will try and cut back further but for now, I think that is a good start.

Another thing I am going to really try to do is to not eat anything after I have eaten dinner.  It is too easy to nibble on something at like 9:00 or 10:00 at night, right before bed.  I hear too often that eating that late is horrible for your metabolism and I am beginning to believe it.

I have access to a fitness center at no charge (Thank you Hubby) and there is a group of moms who get together every weekday to work out and support each other on whatever fitness goal they may be working towards.  This is also free so other than getting over my laziness, I have no real excuse.

As I am far too easily swayed to change my plans to accommodate other people and their plans.  I am going to just put gym time on my planner and make the commitment to not reschedule for any reason.  I know there will be times that I will have to but I will do my best to keep that promise to myself.

So I would like to hear from some of you about the journey that you make be on.  What is your goal?  How are you working towards that goal?  Do you have any questions that maybe other readers of this blog may be able to answer?  They say it takes a village so let’s join up and together I know we can succeed.


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