That Time Again – Beginning of the School Year

For some of you, kids go back to school this week.  My daughter doesn’t go back for another two weeks but I can tell you that day can not come soon enough.

When I was a kid, state law said that public schools could not start until after Labor Day.  The reason I was told was that the tourist areas needed the high school kids as cheap labor.  Not sure if that was the true reason but I loved it.  Sure we didn’t get out of school until June but I didn’t mind that so much, I liked the longer summer.

I know the original intent of a summer break was to let rural kids help on the family farms but that reason doesn’t make as much sense in today’s word.  Yes, there are still family farms but not near as many as there were even a hundred years ago.

For my daughter, this break is far too long.  She needs to be on a schedule and no matter how hard I have tried, we aren’t able to keep the day scheduled like she needs.  It wasn’t too bad at the beginning, there was camp and then a family vacation but now it is getting out of hand.  We don’t have many kids in our neighborhood who are her age and the kids she does play with are younger and can’t do the things she wants to do or go the places she wants to go.

So here we are, two weeks until school starts and she is struggling to find something to do.  We have started the countdown, getting supplies this week, clothes next week.  We are going to her “Back to School Night” and have started getting her back into a bedtime routine.  She isn’t happy but I cannot wait!  Anyone else feel the same?

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