The Start of My Weight Loss Journey

The time has come. I have finally had enough of being tired and worn out and not having enough energy to live a basic life. My eating has gotten completely out of control and my weight has suffered for it. Something had to change.

I recently saw an ad for a new gym in town that was offering a free six week fitness program to try to increase business. I made an appointment, went in and talked to them and decided to jump in and see what happens. This facility offers not only a fitness program but also nutrition help. I need help in both areas.

I have been doing this for one week and let me tell you, none of this is a walk in the park. The fitness classes are tough and to be honest I’m not able to do it all yet.  One day I even left swearing I was never coming back. I’m not coordinated enough and I don’t have the self confidence.

But I did go back. I finally realized that it’s ok if I can’t do a perfect burpee or if I’m the slowest runner in the class. All I need to do is to try my best and keep moving. I WILL do this.  I will not let food and other body issues defeat me.

Tomorrow starts a new week.  Let’s all hope it’s a good one.


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