Update on New Fitness Routine

It has been five weeks since I started my new fitness/health/workout routine.  I lost one week due to a bout with pneumonia but have been pretty consistent overall.

I love the facility where I have been working out.  Not only are the coaches extremely knowledgeable, they are supportive and willing to let you adapt moves that are too difficult.  But, on the flip side, they push you to do things you may not think are possible.  Just today we were lifting weights.  I started with an empty bar, no weights.  The coach came over and asked if I wanted to put some weights on and I said no, I was fine.  He grinned and said that even though I didn’t want more, he thought I should have more.  And you know what?  In the end I was able to lift the higher weight.  I was very proud of myself.

Last week we went for a mile run.  I can run but I’m pretty slow.  The rest of the group beat me back by 10-15 minutes easy.  When I go back I told the coach (a different one) that I was sorry it took me so long.  His response?  “Never say you are sorry.  You may not be as fast as the others but you finished and that is what is important.”

As far as food goes I have cut out all soda and about 99.9% of sweets.  I have a huge sweet tooth and have found it difficult to cut out completely.  I keep a bag of chocolate chips in my pantry for use in my daughter’s weekend pancakes.  I have found that eating just 2-3 chips satisfies my need for sweets but I am not over doing it and gaining weight.

As you can see I am doing well on this program and only have about ten pounds to lose to reach my first goal.  I plan to keep going as long as possible.  I will keep you updated, good or bad.  Can’t wait to hit the gym tomorrow.  I should take some pictures.

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