We are all Human Beings

I try to keep this blog a little on the light side, try not to get too dark or heavy but something has been weighing on me recently.  If I don’t get it out soon I may just explode.  I am not editing this, I am just letting my thoughts flow.  I hope it all makes sense.

When did we decide that it is acceptable to put someone down because of skin color or ethnicity?  I am so tired of these morally superior people who think they are better than and therefore can shame those they deem less than.  Whether it is telling someone that they should be deported (when they are citizens) for just speaking a different language or calling the police on a black man who is…wait for it…pushing his baby in a stroller.

There are 7.6 billion people on this planet.  We all want the same things in life.  We want to be happy.  We want to join with people like us and maybe start families.  We want to raise our children to be happy and successful.  We want to end our lives knowing that we made a contribution to the world and it is a better place than when we came here.

Why can’t we do that?  Why must there always be someone trying to put us down?  To make us feel less than?  To make us feel like trash?

I’ve had it!  I am so ready for a change but I’m not sure exactly how to start.  Does anyone have any ideas?  If we don’t do something soon, things will only get worse and an all out race war could break out very soon.  Who will win if that happens?  Those very people who are bringing us down to begin with.

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