Week 2 – Fitness Journey

So here I am at the end of the second week of my fitness journey.  I won’t lie it has not been easy but I know in the end it will be worth it.

Included in this fitness/health plan is a work out program and an eating plan.  The eating plan is pretty much just eating clean.  It contains low fat proteins, lots of veggies, limited carbs and nothing processed.  The first week it was easy.  I took some time shopping and spent a few hours of food prep.  The second week I did not food prep, thinking I could just eat clean but it wasn’t as easy as I thought.  In the end my eating was not as clean during week 2 as week 1 so next week, we go back to food prepping.

The main problem that I had on the food plan was the carbs.  Don’t get me wrong I love carbs but I can only eat them in limited amounts.  The plan calls for eating a full cup of potatoes, rice, pasta, whatever but if I ate a whole cup I would get full and not want to eat anything else, no veggies, no protein.  So I talked to one of the coaches and he helped me make some changes so that I am still getting what I need but just in a different way.

Now on to the work out part.  That has been a struggle.  First off, I started this program at 242 pounds.  There are things my body just cannot do or I get winded and worn out faster than thinner people.  I also don’t have a lot of confidence in myself and my body so I am scared to do certain things.  My second work out ended with me in tears swearing that I will never come back, I cannot do this.  But after the third I realized that I can do this, it will just take time.  And so what if I cannot do a full push up or a proper burpee.  As long as I am trying and I keep moving…that’s what is important.

I have lost four pounds so far and plan on losing even more over the next few weeks.  I will start going four times a week instead of the three I did during the first two weeks.  I think I am ready for an increase.  I will also continue to work on eating clean.  I like food and I gravitate towards the types of food I should not be eating.  I have already given up diet soda (none in almost two weeks, which for me is huge).  I now need to work on sugar.  It is toxic and the more I cut the less I will want it.

I have a great group behind me including supportive, knowledgeable coaches and awesome fellow work out buddies.  I cannot wait to see how far we can go together.

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